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Our philosophy - Wisdom in Action International

Wisdom in Action


Our philosophy


Why Wisdom in Action?

The name Wisdom in Action came to us as a succinct description of the meaning of the ancient Greek word Praxis (from the Greek verb prattein: to act). As a form of action, Praxis embodies unique qualities, for it is action guided by our inner wisdom. Wisdom in turn, is not just specialist knowledge or learning from our life experiences; it is, above all, the commitment to contributing our abilities and talents to human well-being and development and to acting freely, with integrity and respect for others. In short, Praxis is action guided by a profound understanding and appreciation of who we are, our values and a real sense of purpose.



All our training and coaching programmes are bespoke. They are designed with each individual client to meet their specific needs. We believe that the only way to deliver effective and successful training is by valuing the client’s input at every stage.


At Wisdom in Action we aim to practice what we preach. Being open and honest with you is important in our work and we will encourage you to be equally open with us. We will work with you to deliver what you have requested, consulting with you at every step of the planning to be absolutely clear about your expectations.


We do not claim to be anything other than who we are. We are highly professional, motivated and friendly and have a passion for the possibilities of change existing in ourselves and others. We invite you to benefit from our experience, skills and strengths – and we will enjoy the learning we get from working with you.