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About Photini Pappas


Photini Pappas is a trainer, facilitator and coach, working with individuals and teams across different cultures and supporting them to achieve excellence in their performance and communication skills. She has lived in the south of France since 2006.

She holds a Doctorate in Politics and the Media and was a university senior lecturer for fourteen years, with considerable experience in adult learning and development. Her research expertise has been in the areas of Media, Culture & Communication, with special focus on Western Europe, the Mediterranean countries and South America.

She specialises in the Brief Solutions Focus approach in her professional development work with teams and individuals. Photini is a member of the International Coach Federation and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Photini on staying curious

The novelist teaches the reader to perceive the world as a question. There is wisdom and tolerance in that attitude.

Milan Kundera

Reflecting on my life’s experiences as a university teacher, a Solutions Focus trainer and an expatriate, I have come to realise that curiosity, or the ability to ask meaningful questions, is the most brilliant way to learn. Asking a question is like opening a window to a, till now, unknown perspective. It is creating a whole new set of possibilities for discovery, understanding and achieving something new. It is the first step towards unleashing new potential from within ourselves and others.

Teaching myself how to stay curious, when I could have been simply judgmental, helped me to cope with and make the most of the challenges of living and working within cultures very different from my native one; to remain open, to appreciate and to learn from divergent attitudes and world views.

In my development training, therefore, I have made it my job to encourage people to ask meaningful questions about themselves and the world, in full confidence that they will come up with the best answers each time. I am always fascinated by the clarity and creativity of their responses and the effective action that stems from these.