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Wisdom in Action International: Professional & leadership development across cultures

Wisdom in Action




Wisdom in Action is an international training initiative based in Côte d'Azur, France and Suffolk, UK. We train individuals and teams for high performance, and specialise in increasing productivity for companies and organisations through our unique approach to professional development.

Intercultural training and coaching - an innovative approach

Today’s global working conditions bring together people from diverse national and professional backgrounds who cross geographical or organisational boundaries to pursue new business and career opportunities. Our training and coaching programmes are specifically designed to help organisations and teams transform diversity into richness and:

  • unleash new potential by bringing together the best that different working attitudes, styles and expertise have to offer
  • create coherent and highly motivated teams
  • develop strategies and techniques for communicating confidently and effectively within a multi-national business environment
  • achieve sustainable high performance
  • give individuals the flexibility and creativity they need to become exceptional leaders.

Unique, bespoke training programmes

Our training is based on the fusion of two developmental methodologies - Solutions Focus, an appreciative, alternative approach to traditional problem-solving, and the powerful models of Transactional Analysis for understanding ourselves and others. We work with managers and teams to create bespoke training and coaching programmes that best respond to individual client goals and needs.

Culture matters

From notions of time and hierarchy to patterns of thinking and communicating, all human endeavours are influenced by culture.

Philippe Rosinski

Why intercultural training?

Our purpose is to help leaders and their teams mine the rich seams of wisdom which exist in diverse national, organisational and professional practices...

What people say about us

Seeing how well you both work together and are committed to your vision was very inspirational.

Deborah D’Alessandro President, Espirit Seminars, Nice, France